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FeelGood Protein Tasteless Protein Collagen Powder


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Tasteless Protein by Feel Good Protein is a 100% natural collagen protein powder that is completely clear when mixed with water and has absolutely no taste or smell.

Now you can add your tasteless protein to all your yummy drinks, like juices, cordial, smoothies, soft drinks, milkshakes, coffee and many more! And don’t forget foods like cereals, pastas, breads, cakes, pancakes, soups, cookies, etc. With a tasteless protein you can let your imagination run wild because there are endless amounts of ideas of what you can create with it.

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No taste or smell 100% natural collagen
No artificial ingredients 15g protein per serve
No fats, sugars or carbohydrates
Gluten and lactose free
Awesome mixability with no graininess.

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