Gifts for New Parents - Exciting Bundles Collection

Having a child and being a new parent is one of the best feelings in the world. Seeing your baby for the first time makes you happy to the inner core of your heart. With this awesome feeling of welcoming a new life on Earth, there comes worry about parenting. There is so much knowledge available about the right parenting methods and which products to use while doing so. If you know anyone who has become a new parent recently, you can help them by gifting one of the below-mentioned gift bundles for a new parent and add to the joy.

With so many different items, we have handpicked these best presents for new parents. These gift bundles will prove to be the most useful and perfect gift for new parents. Let’s have a look at them.

Mommy & Me Bundle

This new parents bundle is specifically designed according to the mother’s and the baby’s needs and can help in taking good care of them. It includes many items that make this gift bundle a good gift for new parents and the best gift for newborn babies. Free The Nips by Handmade Heroes is a soothing balm for new mothers so that they can get relief from pain. Drop Dead Gorgeous Dry Shampoo by Handmade Heroes for busy mothers to help them get an enhanced face shine. Soothe That Toosh Diaper Balm for the baby’s soft skin and maintaining it. Rub-adub-dub Baby Oil for baby’s body massage. Other things like Chakra Candle, Omakase Floral Bouquet, and a Bundle of Balloons are also included in this care bundle. This gift bundle for new moms can be the perfect gift.

Ultimate Baby Bundle

The Ultimate Baby Bundle is a newborn gift set with care products for babies. It contains Oeteo Welcome Set which has a baby roper, bib, beanie, mittens, botties, blanket. These all are the essentials for the baby and will surely be a useful gift for new parents. It also has Hegen Complete Starter Kit PPSU, a Bundle of Balloons (six pieces), and a beautiful Omakase Floral Bouquet.

Mini Baby Bundle

The Mini Baby Bundle is a bundle with basic items required to take care of every baby. It includes Oeteo Welcome Set or an Oeteo Easy Suit Sleep Bag with Flip & Change Blankeo as per your choice, Hegen PCTO Basic Starter Kit PPSU, a Bundle of Balloons (six pieces), and an Omakase Floral Bouquet. It is a newborn baby gift set with all the essentials.

Daddy & Me Bundle

This bundle is a gift bundle for new dads. It includes fun items for the new daddy and care products for the newborn baby. It has six Craft Beers by Trouble Brewing, GK Kopi’s Coffee, Personalised Chrome Mugs, Oeteo Welcome Set, or Oeteo Easy Suit Sleep Bag with Flip & Change Blankeo, Hegen PCTO Basic Starter Kit PPSU, and Balloons Bundles. It is a suitable choice in the new parents’ gift category because of its unique products and consideration to show that dads also need some appreciation.

New Parents Bundle

The New Parents Bundle is a fun and useful gift for new parents. It includes various edible items and care products. Oeteo Welcome Set or Oeteo Easy Suit Sleep Bag & Flip & Change Blanket for the baby, four Bagels, four Lactation Brownies, Fresh Fruits – Oranges & Blueberries, six Kraft Beers, Ashley & Co’s Soother Tube, and an Omakase Floral Bouquet. It is a unique gift for new parents and can prove to be the best gift to give to new parents.

Knots & Gifts - Your Babycare & New Parents Gifts Stop

All different gift bundles are unique and useful and can be one of the best newborn gift ideas. Therefore, they can be the best baby gift idea for new parents. We understand the concern to gift the best gifts to newborn babies and their parents. Hence, at Knots & Gifts, you can find a wide collection of gift hampers with the best quality products. Get these fun gift bundles for new parents today and help them along the parenting process by providing the best baby care products.