Will I be able to eat meals out?

The social pressures and anxiety around eating out is something that people may experience after weight loss surgery. However, this shouldn’t be a factor which negatively impacts this experience for you. Some tips to help with these pressures to choose healthier options include:

  • Add vegetables to your menu choice.
  • Choose lean meats & cut off any obvious fat.
  • Skip the sugary soft drinks and alcohol and choose water with a lemon wedge
  • Check the restaurant website before you go to see if they have any nutrition information or ask the waiter/waitress how menu items are cooked.
  • Ask for sauces and dressings to be served on the side.
  • Listen to your stomach, eat slowly and stop when you’re full – don’t feel that you have to eat the whole serving – ask for a doggy bag or take your own containers to take home.
  • Share dessert with a friend if you can’t resist.
  • Ask for healthy options like no butter on the veggies – most places are happy to help.
  • Why not walk to the restaurant or park further away?

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