Petals & Foliage - Floral Bouquets for Special People in Your Life

Flowers and bouquets are one of the best options to give as a gift to special people in your life. These are pretty to look at and emit delicate fragrances. They can be the perfect symbol of your love and respect towards others. For various occasions, different floral bouquets with different flower arrangements are available in the market these days. These can also be personalised according to the taste of your loved one.

We have mentioned below some of the occasions where you can gift a flower bouquet to express your gratitude towards your loved ones.

Gift A Bouquet on Birthdays & Anniversaries with Wishes & Blessings

For occasions like birthdays & anniversaries, people ought to think a lot about what to gift, so that it touches the heart of the receiver. A flower bouquet can be the most simple way to express and gift these thank you bouquets.

Omakase Protea bouquet or Omakase Hydrangea bouquet can be a suitable choice for a birthday gift. With beautiful and unique packaging, they can make the birthday person feel special and loved.

Anniversaries are the occasions on which love between two people and their years of togetherness is celebrated. These are the perfect events for gifting various flower arrangements like Omakase Rose bouquet or Omakase Calla Lily bouquet. Bouquet made with a bunch of red roses is always the classical representation of love and you can for sure gift these to your partner.

Milestones - Appreciate the Achievements

People love to celebrate milestones in their life. Either it is a promotion at the office or buying a new house or any such exciting occasion, people find different ways. On achieving milestones like these, receiving a fresh flower bouquet can be the best beginning for new things. It will surely enhance the experience of your loved one and make the day more special. For these occasions, congratulate them with an Omakase Eustoma bouquet or Omakase Sunflower bouquet. These beautiful and bright coloured flowers in the bouquet will make their day even brighter.

Proposals & Weddings - Express Your Love & Marry Her!

Proposals are once in a lifetime kind of occasion and they should be special so that they can be remembered as a sweet memory for the whole life. Make this unique day even more special by giving the best flower bouquet to your future partner and expressing love. You can choose love expressing flower bouquets like Omakase Rose bouquet, Omakase Carnation or Omakase Garden Rose bouquet. With these bouquets, you can make the moment so beautiful and worth everything.

Now that you must have proposed her already, what about a wedding?

Weddings are pretty big functions. A wedding is the most special day for a bride and groom. It marks the new beginnings in their life. On this special day, gift your dear ones beautifully made Omakase Carnation bouquet. One other good option can be a Omakase Calla Lily bouquet.

If you are looking for a hand bouquet to hold while walking down the aisle, Omakase Tiger Lily bouquet or Omakase Hydrangea can be the best choice. These bridal bouquets are perfect to complement the bride’s dress and make her look like a princess.

Mother’s Day & Father’s Day - Thanking Parents

Our parents are the most important people in our life. From the time we are born, they only think about us and our well being. So on this mother’s day, you can gift a fresh and beautiful floral bouquet to express her gratitude and love.

The most difficult part is expressing love to father’s as they seem to keep all their emotions within. You can gift an Omakase Baby’s Breath bouquet to show the love, respect, and gratitude for every sacrifice he has done throughout his life.

Death - An Inevitable Tragedy

Seeing your loved ones departing from the world is the most difficult thing and the feeling can not be described in words. We understand your pain and if you wish to say them goodbye without words, the omakase condolences florals can be your means to pray for their soul and may it rest in peace.

Knots & Gifts - Petals & Foliage

Knots & Gifts have a wide range of beautiful omakase floral bouquets that can be gifted on all different occasions as thank you, congratulations bouquet, or a sorry bouquet. All of these bouquets are uniquely designed by best flower designers and are presented beautifully. Order floral bouquets online and get them delivered while sitting at your home.